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  1. I always thought lecso originated from Serbia. Anyway, we (Hungarians) make it with eggs; with rice; with eggs and rice; with sausage; with eggs, rice and sasuage; and with virsli; and the above ingredients, except virsli and sasuage are inegachantrble. Also, my mom used lecso as a base for porkolt (stew) when in a hurry and canned lecso for the winter.

  2. If Americans are not going to pick Ron Paul , then Americans can pack their worldy possesions, and say good by to democracy and somewhat decent life.They can also change all the signs that say: “Welcome to America, land of free and home of the brave”, to : “Welcome to America, 3rd World country thanks to its own choice based on greed and maximum ignorance”.One major consolation:” None of the tyrannies lasted for ages.They eventually end. “

  3. I saw the Cocteau Twins in Dallas in 1990 (or was in ’91?) touring in support of HOLV – fantastic album – LOVE that group. Dreamy music. Yeah, it must be the perfect listen on a cool Tennessee night with the top down.Oh, and –no lie– once I heard the title track of that cd in a Kroger on their Muzak loop. Blew my mind.

  4. Chad, thanks for all your support of Next New Networks — we couldn't have gotten where we are without our partnership with YouTube, and you were one of our first champions in the company. Looking forward to what the next five years have in store!

  5. I haven’t found Facebook that useful. People don’t tend to talk much and it’s difficult to meet new people when you can’t see their profiles. I delete any promotional messages, as they’re often inappropriate (such as being genres I don’t read).I’m more likely to buy a book when an author has it listed in their profile and talks to me about other things. I expect the occasional promotional tweet, status update or similar… but the hard sellers don’t seem to be able to limit to it occasionally.

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  7. Kreatív konyha,Szívesen, örülök ha tetszik :))Trollanyu,ÓÓ, rákocskákkal megspékelve csak még finomabb lenne :)) Úgy látom nagyon megosztó a hal a bloggerek és családjaik között…

  8. She didn’t notice a pattern, she pointed out one clear example of a lack of women. If you have a specific criticism it might be helpful to put specific words behind it rather than abstract witticisms. Or maybe you have a particular bias that disallows you from recognizing a legitimate point when it’s made. Either way, there’s more constructive ways to engage in public dialogue.

  9. Belle vidéo faite avec une grande valeur éducative pour ceux d’entre nous qui pensent à ce sujet. Merci! (D’accord avec votre autonomie des commentaires, et de ne pas envoyer de l’argent pour l’énergie aux pays qui nous haïssent – merci pour ça aussi)

  10. Barbara frost Love the blog I met you in bendigo in Australia, sadly you are not performing there next year so am extremely dissapointed. Maybe the following year . maybe accoustics by candlelight here nice pub near me .

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  12. Francis, encore et encore w2 ! Il est ou ton souhait de mener des débats politiques ? Tu me diras, et c pour ça que je te trouve sympa, que le w2 c’est du politique…j’ai l’impression qu’on tombe souvent parmi des mordus de la culture technique (certes, politiquement trés corrects)mais nullement interessés sur le fait politique.

  13. Din blogg har inspirerat mig till att sälja all vÃ¥r ek-inredning pÃ¥ blocket och börjat om pÃ¥ ny kula här hemma med inredning i vitt och svart…blir superfint! Även mannen hhar blivit mer inredningsintresserad! 😉 Bordet frÃ¥n DAY skulle sitta som en smeck i vÃ¥rt nya hem. Tack för alla schyssta bilder pÃ¥ din inredning, ger ny inspiration varje dag. 🙂

  14. Do you have a link for 10-12%? “So I think 110 IQ for upper class Indians and 95 IQ for the rest of the country sounds reasonable.”110 is very high. There should be far more achievement (Jewish like). There should be an Indian produced Singapore/HK.rec1man, please get off this thread. Your copy and pasting will make this page unreadable.

  15. Sull’onda del fatto che la Severino batte Passera in danaro, quelli di Caterpillar su Rai X ? (ore 18.10-20 di oggi 21/2/12) hanno dato la linea a donne guadagnanti più dei “maschi”, definiti ripetutamente pezzenti, vermi etc. Naturalmente in senso ironico…E’ intervenuta una D a correggerli…RDV

  16. I agree darrell. Annetts clearly has an agenda beyond that of justice for abused Indian children.Notice how he heads that article with a picture of Jesus performing an obscene gesture.I realize that one shouldn’t judge by appearances, but there is something creepy looking about Annetts. He looks like a flamer himself.

  17. A little delayed here….Love the stone idea!!! And what a generous gift.Ouch to the sunburn!!! Yikes. At least it was for a really good cause!The shadowbox is beautiful. I'm sorry to read about Karley but know you'll do everything you can to ease the road ahead.Lucy

  18. Ciao Paolo, non sarebbe "carino" proporre ufficialmente a voyager di fare una puntata con te ?potremmo mandare tutti quanti una mail al loro indirizzo sollecitando la cosa (ovviamente fino a che tu non ti pronunci in maniera seria io non lancio alcuna iniziativa).Facci sapere 😉

  19. Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

  20. I like Part Time House Wife on Facebook. I’m a new follower and found your blog while searching for a recipe (I will also be trying your Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Pizza!). Looking forward to browsing more recipes…Amy J recently posted..

  21. You can’t reverse ageing, he picked up on nutrition very later in life; and that other argument is along the lines of ‘my grandpa smoked until the day he died at age 97′, who’s to say he wouldn’t have lived to 115 if it weren’t for the smoking?

  22. Alix it is ok to cry. I understand the feeling of your unborn children never seeing or being held by their grandmother. Her physical presence at your wedding. Think of it as a cleansing…your mother is with you in your heart.

  23. Se è la puntata di Mistero di circa un anno fa, è vecchia! Vidi quel filmato: la donna recitava in modo del tutto maldestro, fingeva di piangere, tanto da riuscire poco credibile anche ai più creduli tra gli appassionati di misteri. E appunto, la "creatura" risultò essere un povero animaletto… La tipa sarà scappata per la vergogna di essersi piegata a un falso scoop!

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  25. You know what depression is when all you feel is emptiness inside, with no fucking idea of what to do with your boring and mediocre life. You know you gotta do something, but you just can’t find the motivation to do it. Everything feels so dull..

  26. I do love pink (along with almost every other color!). But it hasn’t been in my life very much lately. Our bedroom is painted a dark taupe color and I change bedspreads frequently to satisfy my need to change decor. I’ve been contemplating making pillows with lots of pink in a contemporary print as accents for the summer when I change to a white chenille bedspread. Pink is versatile from dramatic to perky.

  27. Human(09 wrz 09:35) W bolidzie F1 nie da się zmienić biegu w górę lewą ręką. Nie da się, bo to jest technicznie niemożliwe. Da się tylko w dół. Wkleić filmik, czy ktoś dalej będzie udawał, że tak nie jest.Igor- jeśli wiesz jak działają pasy w rajdówce, to doskonale wiesz, że większośc zawodników dociąga pasy dopiero przed startem za pomocą tych dwóch klamer na piersiach. Inaczej jest cholernie niewygodnie. Najeździłem się wystarczająco dużo żeby mieć od nich odgniecenia.

  28. Thanks for posting this! The suit looks amazing on you – I absolutely love how you’ve styled it! So glad the suit went to a good home. After reading a few of your posts, I wish I had you in the studio all the time to style our shoots! Cheers, Tina

  29. This book sounds perfect for me! Fantastical . Lovely review I love your ending cautionary bit about the manufactured sunshine( all fluffs and happiness) children’s books. I completely agree I like the children’s books that had the fantasy aspect paired with the reality of human emotion.

  30. Io sono contentissima qnaduo Amelia ha religione, perche9 probabilmente la sua attivite0 alternativa e8 molto rilassante (dormire? guardare un film? non e8 dato sapere) e quindi non arriva a casa ciondolante di sonno come negli altri giorni. Anzi, quasi quasi se ce ne fossero di pif9, di ore

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  32. Polyana comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 18:04. Sombra que não dá pra usar com água, na minha opinião, é porque é de qualidade ruim, feita com excesso de talco (daí a água não “entra” na sombra, parece). Julia, eu simplesmente AMEI a sua declaração sobre religião! Concordo com tudo!!! Beijos!!!!!!!

  33. there is now evidence to prove the DOJ is corrupt and officials committed perjury, then re-reported the congressional testimony provided by Coates last Friday.==========================================This is HUGE! AG Generals who suborn perjury don’t last very long. Remember President Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell?For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  34. Luin Kuvanveistäjän tyttären viikonloppuna ja ihastuin: tästä tuli varmasti samanlainen tärkeä kirja kuin Kesäkirjastakin, eli kirja, johon palaan yhä uudestaan. Oikein odotan, että saan aloitettua myös Viestin!

  35. OT, and i assume most MW folks saw this… (is this REAL?)but man…. that is brazen. you don’t discuss false flags, covert actions, and provocations to start a war of aggression *publicly*, right?he should have gone all in and mentioned the lavon affair and the USS liberty, as examples of how to not carry out a false flag (BTW, i assume israel had the OK for the attempted false flag on the USS liberty in advance… as we covered it up instantly, while it was failing).

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  38. Yea.. lyn is right the picture of sophia and jane.. its all about the boobs…I think we all have moments where we think of having greener pastures like our neighbors. The issue with that is that although our neighbors look like their yard is wonderful we dont see all that may be going on in it. You are who you are and how you are for a purpose dear one. You are not like anyone else because that is not who you are suppose to be… You are Wendy in all her glory and whether you know it or not.. there are a few of us who think that is not too shabby….

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  44. MikeR – The door glass pane is actually frosted (not a decal). It was a custom door we ordered through Central Fairbank Lumber. I got the custom decal from seller Elephannie.sharmilla – full-lite glass is very nice too! I think its a more modern look than the 1/2 glass.

  45. Oops. Just realized I forgot to tell what I like about where I live in my earlier comment. Duh.I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and what I love are all of the hills (after living in flat Indianapolis for years, I appreciate the diversity of hilly terrain!). It’s especially beautiful around here in the Fall. -Julia(jknispel @

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  58. Delrene,Sending positive thoughts from Colorado. March is going to be a great month with much anticipation, “on so many levels”, as Zenyatta would say. Chin up…we’re all holding your hand waiting.

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  74. Can someone please explain to me "why Americans do not have 'standing'?" As I understand the definition, a person must be affected to have standing. Is this accurate? How can it possibly be stated that we are not affected by a usuper of OUR highest office?

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  81. I’m an atheist. Both fox news and aftah had releases on the MAP conference. You say that no one is trying to normalize pedophilia? it’s already started. Check out either of those sites and punch it in the search bar. F***ed up stuff, seriously. i guess TWO doesn’t feel the need to talk about the brand of liberal activism that isnt all happy and gay.

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  85. Benji,You popularized the very common word "parasite?" Seriously? I'm pretty sure most of us here have had a handle on the Democrats' core constituency for decades now. You, on the other hand, jumped on the Hopeandchange train to nowhere in '08 and will probably in '12.

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  103. Sorry that you had to bear the brunt of rude comments. To extend the point I made on my blog: if this was an independent blog, the community “is what it is,” so to speak. I think a community newspaper owes more to it’s community. It’s OK to disagree. It’s not OK to just be rude and inappropriate.Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments!

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  141. And you thought you had only two readers. I think your prediction is well-reasoned. I also pray it's correct. Liberals have a fair point that the party id of today's voters may not reach the level of Rasmussen and Gallup's, but they're also missing something when they just assume 2008 turnout levels are going to be repeated. Neither side knows where that turnout is going to fall. Those who pretend they do are the ones substituting card analogies for critical thought.

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  161. First time at the SJ Bike Party. Great crowd, great vibe, great ride.People, please, please, slooooow down and ride straight! Don’t zig-zag all over the street. There was a serious accident tonight because some were riding way to fast.Have fun, but always be considerate of fellow bikers AND the cars trying to get through.

  162. Thanks for the feedback, Ant! Btw, I edited your comment to include several instances of missing “c” characters, including the “.co” in your commentator link. Not sure what was up, but you may want to check your keyboard for faulty/missing keys.Cheers,Jeff

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